Shotwell Stadium Renovations


eHT designed the conversion of the Shotwell Stadium grass field to a synthetic turf. Existing grass and sugrade was removed and a polyethylene drain mat, drainage stone and perimeter drainage system was added. The project also included connecting the drainage system to the existing storm drainage system. eHT designed and managed the installation of handicap compliant ramps at each side of the south end of the field to move teams and attendees down to field level.

“This letter is to candidly and emphatically express my opinion and experiences as the Athletic Director for the Abilene ISD regarding our association with eHT. For the past year I have been very closely involved with eHT through the renovation of Shotwell Stadium. Shotwell is the site for our school district’s high school football and soccer games, as well as games for Abilene Christian University, playoff games, and other events. The Abilene ISD chose to employ eHT to work with us throughout the $1.1 million Shotwell Stadium renovation project, and it was the best decision we made when undertaking this project. I would not only strongly recommend an engineering firm for such projects, but also enthusiastically recommend eHT.

The engineers at eHT have been unbelievably helpful, cooperative, resourceful, and beneficial to all of us associated with this project. It has been very obvious they have gone the extra mile for us. Even though they were involved with a number of other ongoing projects at the same time as ours. From day one of our project they have worked with us as though we were the only client they had. They have provided us on-going, continual service and assistance as well as having been instantly responsive to our needs and requests. There have been NO negative, doubtful, or problematic circumstances what-so-ever between the Abilene ISD and eHT throughout this project; quite the contrary—it has been and still is outstanding. From the beginning, our administration and maintenance staff quickly developed a tremendous respect for their professionalism, knowledge, and friendly style of doing business. Our stadium renovation was a huge success, and the project continues to benefit from their expertise and assistance.”
Glenn Petty, Athletic Director, Abilene ISD


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