Scott Hibbs, PE
Scott Hibbs, PEPresident
Mr. Hibbs, President of eHT, has over 36 years of experience as a water resources consultant for many governmental entities in Texas. He directs multi-discipline and multi-organizational teams for regional water and wastewater projects, in addition to overseeing construction management and providing hands-on training for operations and maintenance personnel.
David Todd, PE, RPLS
David Todd, PE, RPLSExecutive Vice President
Mr. Todd has 45 years of solid experience in civil and surveying project management, including the design of infrastructure, streets, drainage, water, sewer, subdivisions and commercial development. Mr. Todd has vast experience obtaining public project funding from various sources. His municipal project experience includes stormwater management, design for pavement/street improvements, airport projects, sewer collection systems and water and wastewater systems.
Keith Kindle, PE
Keith Kindle, PEChief Operations Officer
Mr. Kindle has 27 years of experience managing large public works programs. He has in-depth experience in project management including planning, design and construction management for water supply, treatment and distribution projects and wastewater treatment and collection projects.
Scott Hay, PE
Scott Hay, PEVice President
Mr. Hay has 27 years of experience as a water resources and wastewater consultant for a number of regional municipalities and water districts. He has solid experience analyzing and designing numerous water supply, transmission and storage projects.
Scott Yungblut, PE
Scott Yungblut, PEVice President
Mr. Yungblut has 25 years of experience in performing engineering analysis and design on geotechnical and construction materials testing projects throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. He supervises and manages eHT’s soil and materials testing laboratory responsibilities including proposal preparation, field investigation, field and laboratory analysis, report preparation and construction quality assurance and quality control.
Fred Curnutt, PE
Fred Curnutt, PEVice President
Mr. Curnutt has over 42 years of experience in all facets of engineering and engineering management. He has extensive experience in environmental, infrastructure, facilities, special component/equipment testing, facilities/test operation and manufacturing.
Perry Evans, PE, PG
Perry Evans, PE, PGVice President
Mr. Evans is an experienced environmental consulting and engineering professional with strong leadership and relationship-building skills. He is an experienced field engineer in commercial construction and has served as the lead engineer and/or hydrogeologist in responsible charge for a variety of environmental consulting and engineering projects.
Bob Benham, CPA
Bob Benham, CPAChief Financial Office
Mr. Benham is a senior level executive with extensive experience in management and business leadership. As Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for the financial integrity of the firm. In that capacity, he oversees all financial accounting and federal and state tax reporting. In addition, Mr. Benham handles all risk and human resource management functions of eHT, including procurement of insurance coverages and assuring eHT’s employment law compliance. Mr. Benham has 35 years experience in accounting, risk management and human resources.
Jordan Hibbs, PE
Jordan Hibbs, PEVice President
Mr. Hibbs has 10 years of experience in the design and management of water, wastewater, drainage and site development projects for municipal clients. He has experience designing and evaluating water treatment plants, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants, wastewater collection systems and storm drainage systems. Mr. Hibbs regularly coordinates with state and federal agencies for various projects.
Sage Diller, PE
Sage Diller, PEAssociate Vice President
Mr. Diller has 18 years of experience in project design, management and construction oversight on a wide range of projects for municipal, state and private entities. His project experience includes municipal water and sewer systems, groundwater wells and storage facilities, state and county roadways and private developments. In addition to design and construction management, Mr. Diller has extensive experience assisting clients in applying for grant/loan funding through various funding agency programs.
Joshua Berryhill, PE
Joshua Berryhill, PEAssociate Vice President & Technical Director
Mr. Berryhill has over 16 years of experience in the design, operation and analysis of water and wastewater treatment systems. He has experience in the piloting, design, construction and operation of water treatment plants, including reverse osmosis systems for groundwater and seawater, chemical feed systems, sedimentation, microfiltration, dual- and tri-media filtration, clear wells and plant water and high service pumping systems. He also has experience in the design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants, including pump stations, preliminary screening, extended aeration basins, activated sludge aeration basins, biological nutrient removal systems, sequencing batch reactors, clarification, tertiary filtration, chemical and UV disinfection, anaerobic digestion systems, plant water and reuse systems.
Chris Hay, PE
Chris Hay, PEAssociate Vice President
Mr. Hay has 11 years of experience with a particular focus on civil and municipal projects. His experience includes planning, design and project management in the areas of water distribution and transmission, wastewater collection and conveyance, roadway and drainage improvements and various park and recreational improvements including multi-purpose trails. He has worked with various funding agencies on different projects including the Texas Water Development Board, Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and United States Department of Agriculture.