Our Vision & Values

Enprotec / Hibbs & Todd, Inc. (eHT) will continue to develop long-term relationships with civil, environmental and geotechnical clients. These relationships will result from the delivery of timely, personal, professional, cost-effective solutions that meet the objectives of the client. These solutions will be implemented by competent, respected and supported employees who are challenged to excel and are rewarded for accomplishments.

eHT’s goal is to continue to attract clients with whom we can create enduring relationships. Our clients know that we care about them personally and they view our employees as knowledgeable experts who are honest and dependable. We are a “user-friendly” company that provides clear, informative communication and quality work. Our work product is timely, accurate and thorough and the quality of our service exemplifies dependability, trustworthiness and confidence.

eHT provides services to clients with civil, environmental and geotechnical engineering needs. Our goal is to remain an industry leader in Texas, while also taking advantage of growth opportunities in national markets. The quality of our services is balanced with outstanding technical expertise and an unmatched user-friendly delivery. eHT has a clearly defined direction and purpose and invests in the future by developing and using innovative ideas and technology, while also maintaining and growing a well-trained, versatile and committed staff.

eHT has a working environment where support systems are well-organized and our employees take pride in the quality of their work, benefit from the team structure and enjoy a variety of challenging projects. eHT cultivates commitment and confidence between employees and management. This cultivation is developed through trusting relationships, mutual respect and valued opinions. Our employees feel valued and are offered opportunities for continual professional development and training, easily accessible resources, appropriate incentives and the authority to fulfill responsibilities. In this environment, eHT employees commit themselves to the success of the company through displaying a strong work ethic.

eHT’s objective is to provide consistent, reasonable profits for the stockholders of the company. We envision stockholders who create a balance between our people and our profits. The balance we seek is a willingness to reinvest in the company and to share profits with our people. eHT’s Management Team holds a common vision, which attracts competent business people who cooperate, make timely and consistent decisions, take responsibility for their decisions, believe that the greatest asset to a corporation is its people and share information regarding the welfare of the company.