Groundwater Services

Groundwater resources in Texas and the Southwest are relied upon for ever-increasing demands for urban, industrial, agricultural and environmental uses. Our experience with the characterization of major and minor aquifers throughout Texas and the Southwest enhances our ability to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for the development of these groundwater resources. Methods for evaluating groundwater resources range from reviewing existing geologic and hydrologic engineering data to performing surface and subsurface exploration, analysis and testing. eHT has been involved in test drilling, aquifer pumping tests, surface and downhole geophysical interpretation, water sampling and analysis, remote sensing analysis and evaluation of climatic conditions and surface water hydrology as they relate to goundwater quality and quantity. Our planning and management services include:

  • Water Resource Management Plans
  • Groundwater Basin Studies
  • Salt and Nutrient Management Plans
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Groundwater Quality Assessments
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge
  • Sustainable Yield Studies