Albany Municipal Airport

CLIENT: City of Albany and TxDOT Aviation

eHT designed and supervised the construction of a 1,300-foot runway extension, a full-length 5,000 linear foot parallel taxiway, two stub taxiways and relocated Breckenridge Street, complete with new TxDOT highway signage. Reconstruction items included a 1,700 linear foot section of Runway 17-35, the main apron area including tie down improvements, and the airport entrance roadway with a new chip seal surface. Drainage improvements included several trapezoidal channels, reinforced concrete pipe with concrete headwalls, and a drainage inlet. The project also included the crack repair, coal tar sealing, and marking and striping of all airfield pavements. Electrical improvements included telephone, cable, and power line utility line relocations; installation of a vault building with a constant current regulator and radio controller; a new internally lighted LED wind cone; medium intensity runway lights (MIRL) for Runway 17-35 which included runway end and runway side lights; a high intensity rotating beacon on a 50-foot pivot-type beacon tower; and two new PAPI-2L systems for Runway 17-35. eHT also prepared the Airport Layout Plan.


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