Brownwood Municipal Landfill

CLIENT: City of Brownwood
LOCATION: Brownwwod, TX

eHT provides a variety of solid waste services for the City of Brownwood. eHT recently completed the installation of groundwater wells in accordance with the facility’s permit modification of the Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plan and the Groundwater Characterization Report, as required under the 2006 MSW rule revision. The permit modification included the installation of these new groundwater wells to meet a 600 feet minimum well spacing requirement, as well as a technical demonstration of why the well spacing is not applicable in certain areas of the landfill since the groundwater is not “hydraulically connected.” eHT also wrote the facility’s Site Operating Plan revision which was approved through a permit modification, as required by the 2006 MSW rule revision.

We are retained by the City to conduct quarterly groundwater background monitoring for new wells and semi-annual detection monitoring for existing wells. Groundwater data is reviewed for site and well-specific characteristics prior to selection of appropriate statistical methods. Groundwater data is input in database format for each well in appropriate statistical software for conducting statistical methods and tests.

Permit modifications for the landfill are prepared and implemented by eHT, including revisions of closure and post-closure care cost estimates. Tier 1 Non-Methane Organic Compound Air Emission calculations have also been provided. eHT provided blasting depths, surveys, and additional support for the construction of the new Cell 11. We wrote the contract technical specifications for the cell construction, which included blasting/excavating remaining dirt, and lining with geosynthetic clay liner and 60-mil HDPE. A leachate collection system was installed over the lined cell, which included double-sided geotextile and geonet, and leachate pipe/gravel. eHT provided on-site construction inspection for the liners and leachate collection system. Since 2004, eHT has performed QA/QC for the City’s cell liners and leachate evaporation ponds.


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