City of Missouri City Wastewater Treatment Plant Regionalization Plan

CLIENT: City of Missouri City
LOCATION: Missouri City, TX

eHT worked with the City of Missouri City (City) and multiple municipal utility districts (MUD) in the area to determine feasible methods for wastewater treatment system regionalization. The City’s existing Mustang Bayou wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is approaching its rated capacity with regard to current flows and allocated system capacity to support area growth. The City is currently evaluating opportunities to either continue to expand the existing Mustang Bayou WWTP or create a regional facility at a new location, with the goal of consolidating flows from multiple existing WWTPs to the new regional facility in the future.

eHT worked with the City to develop detailed implementation plan alternatives for developing new regional treatment facilities at multiple site locations, as well as evaluating multiple process technologies such as sequencing batch reactors (SBR), membrane bioreactors (MBR), conventional activated sludge (CAS) and extended aeration (EA), in order to identify realistic capital and O&M costs for a given regional facility site and selected process technology. MBR technology was selected by the City in order to maximize the effective treatment capacity at a given facility site, to provide the greatest level of flexibility in phasing plant improvements, to exceed Type I reuse requirements (and prepare for the potential of potable reuse in the future as well), and to prepare for anticipated nutrient limits in the future.


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