City of Missouri City Water, Wastewater and Reuse Master Plan

CLIENT: City of Missouri City
LOCATION: Missouri City, TX

eHT prepared a Regional Water and Wastewater Planning Study for the City of Missouri City which included: Establishing existing conditions of water and wastewater infrastructure and treatment facilities for the 30 entities in the study area; Identifying specific water and wastewater consolidation projects and associated costs and implementation schedules; outlining water distribution and treatment alternatives as well as wastewater collection and treatment alternatives, including the use of reclaimed water; Preparing an environmental assessment of the recommended consolidation projects; analyzing regional opportunities and potential funding mechanisms; and, developing a stand-alone water conservation and drought contingency plan for the Regional Water Treatment Plant.

eHT worked with the City of Missouri City and multiple municipal utility districts (MUDs) in the area to determine feasible methods for water, wastewater and reuse system regionalization. eHT worked with the City to develop detailed implementation plan alternatives for developing new regional treatment facilities at multiple site locations, as well as evaluating multiple process technologies.

As part of the regional water supply initiative, eHT also provided design and construction services for a new regional water treatment plant to meet the Fort Bend Subsidence District groundwater conversion requirements. Because of the varying raw water quality of the supply source (Brazos River), eHT determined that membrane filtration would provide the highest quality, efficiency and consistency of finished water quality in comparison to more conventional technologies. Piloting was completed via the standard piloting method both due to the variability in water quality from the Brazos River and to provide the City with sufficient operating time to become familiar with the membrane filtration treatment process. The long-term conversion plan is for an ultimate plant capacity of 33 MGD constructed in three phases.

The Missouri City Surface Water Treatment Plant project received the Environmental Project of the Year Award from the Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association in the $25 – $75 Million category. The award was established to promote excellence in the management and administration of public works projects by recognizing the alliance between the managing agency, the consultant / engineer and the contractor who, working together, complete public works projects.

Additionally, eHT assisted the City with continuous and dedicated public outreach efforts through a variety of media types to advise the public of the need for the project, costs, construction status, changes in disinfection chemicals, as well as guided tours of the completed plant.


Missouri City WWTP Regionalization Plan

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