City of Roma Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion

CLIENT: City of Roma

eHT provided project management for 90 miles of sewer lines, 22 lift stations, 45 miles of water transmission and distribution lines, 4 water booster pump stations, a 300,000-gallon elevated storage tank, 2.0 MGD WWTP, 3.65 MGD WTP, SCADA and the purchase of 2,060 acre-feet of water rights. The project included funding from the TWDB-EDAP-CWSRF, BECC, NADBank, TDHCA and RD. The project was implemented over several phases and provided adequate water and sewer service for over 23,000 residents; first-time sewer service to 2,764 homes and 14,000 residents, an award-winning innovative water rights purchase, the 1999 Engineering Excellence Award by CEC, and funding and construction for 68 colonias. In addition to collection system improvements, the City’s existing extended aeration oxidation ditch WWTP (which served the City of Roma for more than 40 years) needed to be replaced, having exceeded the service life for the treatment units. In order to provide sufficient capacity for the 30-year life of the project, eHT designed a new 2.0 MGD treatment facility in 1998, followed by construction in 1999. Because of the site constraints of the existing facility and no capability to take process units offline for rehabilitation, it was determined that it would be necessary to construct the new treatment improvements at an adjacent site, to optimize design efficiency and capture construction savings in the form of economies of scale. The new WWTP facility was funded under the TWDB’s EDAP program, which provided more than 50% grant funding for the project. The facility was designed around the ABJ Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration System SBR process. The treatment system was selected on the basis of required construction footprint, capital and operational cost and operational flexibility and reliability while meeting 20 mg/L BOD, and 20 mg/L TSS permitted effluent limits, as well as providing the capability to meet Type II reuse requirements. The City’s new WWTP includes a mechanical bar screen, an influent wastewater pump station, hydraulic grit removal, a Carousel secondary process, UV disinfection, solids thickening and mechanical solids dewatering. Also included in the scope of the project was the preparation of a new TPDES discharge permit and a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Manual.


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