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As the City of Abilene has grown, the community has expanded into and overtaken some of the area that was originally served by the VCWSC. As a result, the original main pump station that served the VCWSC system became surrounded by population now served by the City. The pump station was no longer centrally located to the service area. Additionally, the existing capacities of both pumping and storage facilities were inadequate to meet TCEQ’s minimum design criteria for public water supply systems. To correct these issues, VCWSC retained eHT to design new facilities to bring the water system into compliance with TCEQ requirements and improve the operability and maintainability of the system. The project included the construction of a new ground storage tank and high-service pump station to replace the existing main pump station facilities. Additionally, the project included approximately 15,000 linear feet of 8-inch water line installed as the fill line for the new ground storage tank from Abilene’s distribution system and to tie the planned improvements into the existing distribution system. The selected pump setup for the project was a triplex (3-pump) installation. The project also included new system controls and data acquisition and alarms to control the new pumping and storage facilities. The original antiquated equipment controls were no longer reliable. Failure of the existing equipment routinely resulted in wasting significant quantities of water when pumps did not shut-off at the appropriate time and the associated storage tank was overfilled and ran over. The new SCADA equipment eliminated the unreliable controls and provided the VCWSC with the facilities necessary to properly and efficiently manage the water system.


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