Abilene Second Stage Drought Response Project

CLIENT: City of Abilene

eHT provided planning, design, permitting, project management, construction management and inspection and O&M services for this project, which is valued at $74 million. The City continued to be in the grip of a major ongoing drought. The new Hamby Reuse Project augmented the City’s existing raw water supply in Lake Fort Phantom Hill; however, the raw water augmentation only offsets approximately 25 percent of the City’s daily water demands. For this reason, eHT was tasked with the requirement to identify and develop the design for necessary improvements to utilize brackish raw water from Possum Kingdom (PK) Lake and desalinating the PK raw water to a sufficient level to match current raw water quality from Hubbard Creek Reservoir (Hubbard). Since the City had been forced to reduce raw water usage from Hubbard due to ongoing drought, the water from PK was used instead. The project goals included upgrading the existing PK Intake Pump Station owned by the Brazos River Authority, construction of approximately 42 miles of raw water, product water and concentrate pipelines, and the construction of a Raw Water Roughing Facility (RWRF), designed to desalinate raw PK water prior to being sent to Abilene for final, conventional water treatment. Abilene’s RWRF must be capable of meeting “product water” goals to provide water quality consistent with current Hubbard raw water quality, at varying flow rates and seasonal impacts. Modular system design, enhanced system redundancy, implementation of an automated SCADA system, enhanced energy efficiency and maximized water recovery efficiency were all key components for successfully meeting the objectives of the project. eHT based the project on advanced desalination and pretreatment processes including a 12 MGD pressure-fed microfiltration (MF) membrane filtration system and a new three-stage RO system rated for up to 11 MGD in order to meet the City’s project goals.


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