Abilene Water Management Strategies

CLIENT: City of Abilene

eHT is providing professional consulting services to the City of Abilene for alternative water management strategies, including developing new water supplies such as the proposed Cedar Ridge Reservoir. The project is a critical water supply needed to secure additional water for the City and surrounding region and is a Recommended Water Management Strategy in both the 2011 Brazos G Regional Water Plan and the 2012 State Water Plan. The Texas Legislature has designated the Cedar Ridge Reservoir as a Unique Reservoir Site. The proposed Cedar Ridge Reservoir will provide a highly efficient conservation pool with a surface area of 6,635 acres; a capacity of 227,127 acre-feet; an average depth of 34 feet and maximum depth of 130 feet; and dam height of 155 feet and dam length of 1 mile. HDR is supporting eHT in the development of this critical water supply project. eHT is also providing support to the West Texas Water Partnership (WTWP), which is comprised of the Cities of Abilene, San Angelo and Midland. The WTWP is a partnership formed to evaluate short-term and long-term water supply needs in West Texas and to reduce costs of water resource development.

• eHT is evaluating potable water production facilities, which include cost of operations for each of Abilene’s three surface water treatment plants and options for disposal of reverse osmosis concentrate.
• Floating raw water pump design for the Ivie system in response to continued drought conditions.
• $64 million construction project at the Hamby WWTP to optimize treatment reliability and to provide up to 7 MGD of highly treated effluent back into Lake Fort Phantom Hill.
• Permitting and design for dredging of the Clear Fork Scalping Pump Station.
• Evaluation and planning options for improvements to the Lake Fort Phantom Hill raw water intake.
• Water conservation and drought contingency plans for the City, as well as annual water conservation plan implementation reports.
• Risk management plans for the City’s five covered treatment facilities.
• On-going regulatory compliance questions and issues.


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