Granbury SWATS Water Line

CLIENT: City of Granbury
LOCATION: Granbury, TX

The initial SWATS water line project was constructed in 2001 for the City of Granbury and included approximately 29,600 linear feet of 14-inch PVC water line. This is a cross country transmission line route that runs from the BRA Surface Water and Treatment System plant to the City of Granbury’s elevated storage tank near the intersection of Highway 377 and Fall Creek Highway. The project was constructed in conjunction with the City’s pump station at the SWATS plant to provide treated water from the plant to the City’s distribution system.

In 2010, approximately 13,700 linear feet of 12-inch PVC water transmission line was installed, paralleling the first portion of the Granbury SWATS water transmission line from the SWATS pump station to Highway 4. This line was installed to replace line capacity in the previously constructed transmission main, which had been sold to another utility company.


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