Stamford Emergency Water System Improvements

CLIENT: City of Stamford
LOCATION: Stamford, TX

eHT is providing project management and design for a water system improvement project for the City of Stamford utilizing funding through the TWDB DWSRF. The City’s existing water system consisted of a raw water pump station, transmission pipeline, a conventional water treatment plant (WTP), elevated water storage facility, and distribution pipelines that were originally constructed in the 1950’s.

The project includes replacement of the 15-mile-long, 18-inch diameter raw water transmission main from Lake Stamford to the water treatment plant, with a new 14-inch diameter fusion-welded PVC pipeline.

Future improvements will include rehabilitation of the raw water pump station, replacement of the City’s elevated storage tank, and construction of a new water treatment plant. The water treatment plant project will include construction of a new pre-treatment system, a complete membrane filtration system, a new high service pump station, electrical, controls, and rehabilitation and upgrades to additional components at the plant. Sections of the City’s deteriorated distribution system pipelines will also be replaced to address water losses and improve service to customers.


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