Roma Elevated Storage Tank

CLIENT: City of Roma

eHT provided project management for 90 miles of sewer lines, 22 lift stations 45 miles of water transmission and distribution lines, 4 water booster pump stations, a 300,000-gallon elevated storage tank, 2.0 MGD WWTP, 3.65 MGD WTP, SCADA and the purchase of 2,060 acre-feet of water rights. The project included funding from the TWDB-EDAP, BECC, NADBank, TDHCA and RD. The project was implemented over several phases and provided adequate water and sewer service for over 23,000 residents; first-time sewer service to 2,764 homes and 14,000 residents, an award winning innovative water rights purchase, the Engineering Excellence Award by CEC, and funding and construction for 68 colonias.


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