Possum Kingdom WSC Water System Feasibility Study and Supply Master Plan

CLIENT: Possum Kingdom Water Supply Corporation

The PKWSC’s Engineering Feasibility Study addressed the need for a dependable, long-term, potable water supply. The planning area encompassed Possum Kingdom Lake, owned and operated by the BRA. The scope of the Feasibility Study was to audit existing water supply systems operating within the Possum Kingdom Lake area; investigate alternative sources of water supply; evaluate treatment processes available to treat water from the lake, and prepare and evaluate funding alternatives as well as estimated costs to water customers. Following completion of the existing system audits, eHT worked with PKWSC to develop a water treatment and distribution system master plan.

The master plan focused on the phased development of a unified water transmission and distribution system along with the planning, piloting, design and construction of a new master-planned regional water treatment plant utilizing RO technology for brackish surface water desalination.  eHT constructed a master hydraulic computer model using Innovyze’s H2OMap Water GIS Suite incorporating all phases of the water distribution system and later utilized Innovyze’s InfoWaterSA Suite. The fully dynamic model is utilized to evaluate the performance and hydraulic adequacy of the PKWSC distribution system. eHT identified areas with capacity limitations and developed recommendations to bolster the service capacity of the system ensuring the system was compliant with all regulatory requirements. eHT routinely updates and refines the master model, often evaluating new service requests for private residents and commercial developments. The model includes 547,418 linear feet of pipe ranging from 1-inch to 16-inch. The system model is one of the main tools utilized by PKWSC to help manage and maintain the distribution system.