Possum Kingdom WSC Water Treatment Plant MF Expansion

CLIENT: Possum Kingdom Water Supply Corporation

To maintain good operational efficiency and longevity of the Possum Kingdom Water Supply Corporation’s (PKWSC) reverse osmosis (RO) system membrane elements at the water treatment plant (WTP), pretreatment of PK raw water was upgraded from partial membrane filtration to full membrane filtration in 2016 to provide appropriate feed water quality to the RO system and increase the overall plant capacity from 1.5 to 2.0 MGD. eHT provided project management and design for microfiltration (MF) membrane filtration expansion, which began construction in 2016. The additional MF train had a capacity of 1.0 MGD with room to add additional modules to increase production to 2.0 MGD. Pall polymeric membrane filters were utilized to match the existing MF system at the WTP.

In addition to enhancing the consistency of RO feed water quality at the WTP via MF improvements in 2016, a chlorine dioxide generation system was installed to provide plant staff with a tool for addressing seasonal taste and odor issues and to give staff an additional disinfectant application point to reduce free chlorine use and subsequent disinfection byproducts (DBP) formation.

Beginning in 2021, the WTP was expanded to increase the overall plant capacity from 2.0 MGD to 2.5 MGD. This required upgrading all three existing pumps at the raw water pump station, adding additional modules to the MF train that was installed during the prior 2016 project, replacement of the original RO system with a larger RO system capable of producing 1.14 MGD, and upgrading the existing MF filtrate blend pumps.  The plant’s original chlorine gas chemical feed system and RO chemical clean-in-place (CIP) system were also completely replaced and upgraded as part of this project.  eHT provided project management and design services for the WTP expansion project that began construction in 2021.