City of Abilene Water Management Strategies

CLIENT: City of Abilene

eHT is providing professional consulting services to the City of Abilene for alternative water management strategies, including developing new water supplies such as the proposed Cedar Ridge Reservoir. The project is a critical water supply needed to secure additional water for the City and surrounding region and is a Recommended Water Management Strategy in both the 2016 Brazos G Regional Water Plan and the 2017 State Water Plan. The Texas Legislature has designated the Cedar Ridge Reservoir as a Unique Reservoir Site.

As a result of the area’s new drought of record, design of an Indirect Potable Reuse project was authorized in May, 2013. Advanced treated wastewater was available to augment Lake Fort Phantom Hill in January, 2015.

The continued drought also required implementation of Possum Kingdom Lake as an alternative water management strategy for Abilene. eHT designed and implemented this strategy using a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) alternative delivery method. The project includes an advanced water treatment plant to process raw water from Possum Kingdom Lake to a quality similar to the City’s other raw water supplies.