Contract Operations

Operational Support

eHT partners with water and wastewater utilities in need of experienced licensed water or wastewater operators to ensure flexible, short or long-term partnership depending on the needs of the entity. For example, if an operator retires or leaves, or is on a short-term leave of absence, eHT provides highly experienced, licensed operators to ensure compliance with TCEQ operator staffing requirements. With unknown situations and a lack of younger operators entering the field, we offer an excellent short- or long-term solution to assist you with operating and managing your water and wastewater utilities. Our operational support services are structured for maximum flexibility with highly experienced operators to exactly fit your utility’s unique needs.

eHT has acquired unmatched experience over more than three decades with assisting utilities with regulatory compliance needs including:

  • Surface and Groundwater Treatment Plant Operations
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations
  • Water Distribution System Flushing Programs
  • Public Water System Tank Inspections
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Monitoring and Managing Reports
  • Collection and Analysis of TCEQ Required Compliance Samples
  • Organizing and Digitizing Plant Information and Optimizing SCADA Systems
  • Optimizing and Troubleshooting Chloramine Residuals
  • Identifying and Resolving System and Water Quality Issues
  • Monitoring Plans, Laboratory Approval and Nitrification Action Plans
  • Water and Wastewater Facilities Startup and Commissioning Services
  • Production of Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Response Measures to TCEQ Issued Violations
  • Alternative Capacity Requirements for Public Water Systems
  • Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plans and Annual Water Conservation Reporting
  • Risk Management Plans (RMP) and RMP Training
  • Emergency Response Plans