eHT Creates Sustainable Development

While preserving some of our most prized natural resources.

eHT Creates Sustainable Development

While preserving some of our most prized natural resources.

Civil, Environmental & Geotechnical Engineering

We are in the business of improving community infrastructure while creating sustainable development and preserving some of our most prized natural resources. In essence, we offer engineering solutions with a view for tomorrow.

eHT is a civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineering firm with offices in Abilene, Lubbock, and Granbury in Texas. Established in 1989, our staff consists of engineers, surveyors, geologists, scientists, construction material lab technicians, and field operations professionals.

Our success is based on enduring partnerships with our clients. eHT takes our client’s needs to heart. We are an advocate and partner. We go the extra mile to find solutions for clients that solve appropriate short-term and long-term needs.


We can help you place the past behind you, manage for the present and plan for a successful future

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Featured Services offered by eHT

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What Our Clients Say

"The City of Granbury is very proud of our recently completed Surface Water Treatment Plant. In addition to many hours of preliminary discussions, eHT assisted us with planning, design, environmental, permitting and construction. Even assisting the City with the Construction Manager at Risk Delivery method on the Project, that went very well. The plant is operating at a high level and is performing very well. The staff at eHT deliver quality projects, display professional courtesy and are a pleasure to work with. I recommend eHT for any of your utility needs."

Rick Crownover

Public Works Director, City of Granbury

Applying for state funds was a daunting task for us. Our need was great, the competition fierce.  Our economically disadvantaged community didn’t know how to present our problem in a way to garner a favorable result. 

eHT stepped in!  They researched our geographic area, compiled the statistics and represented us better than we ever imagined!  They have been staunch advocates for our community.  Thanks to their guidance and tireless efforts, our project is fully funded and due to begin very soon.   We are forever grateful for the expertise of eHT, their engineers and staff.

Cherie Rodenburgh

Former President, Rolling Hills Water Service

“Because of the recent historic drought, the directive from City leadership on operation of the new Hamby Water Reclamation Facility was to be at a level of operation required to safely send reclaimed water to Lake Fort Phantom Hill within a month of completing major construction at the facility. A normal facility upgrade project requires 6 to 12 months of operation to get used to the new technologies. With the aggressive startup schedule required for this project, eHT conducted bi-weekly operator training workshops with the City operating staff to review process theory, typical and emergency operating requirements and optimization and troubleshooting approaches for each new treatment process. Then, as the units were being built, the operators had a better understanding of the layout of each process and what equipment to expect and how it would function. Thanks to the training workshops, City operators not only gained a level of comfort with the new technologies, but the operators rapidly took ownership in the new facility and began producing high quality reclaimed water to Lake Fort Phantom Hill in early January 2015, less than a month from completing major construction.”

Mickey Chaney

Assistant Director of Water Utilities (Retired), City of Abilene

"As City Administrator for the City of Eden, I would recommend the engineers at eHT for your water and wastewater projects. They are highly capable, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive to all needs. Sage Diller and Clint Taylor have worked with the City of Eden for close to 10 years, most recently on a 6 million dollar USDA rural development project which was quite extensive and involved a number of intricate, detailed, and specialized items. Their very capable staff provided assistance with all of our needs, and helped us work through each problem in an efficient and timely manner. Thank you to all eHT staff for industry and technical knowledge, your timely assistance, and overall help with this project!"

Laura Beeson

City Administrator, City of Eden

"Cisco is very grateful for the quick response of Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd and Pall Water. The cooperation of these two companies, along with the hard work and dedication of City staff, made a seemingly insurmountable objective attainable in a short period of time." 

Darwin Archer

City Manager, City of Cisco

"As the Director of Public Works for the City of Glen Rose, I have had the pleasure of working with Enprotec / Hibbs & Todd (eHT) on multiple projects. The City of Glen Rose selected eHT to provide general services in 2013. They have successfully provided services for a wide variety of projects including water system improvements, sewer system improvements, street and drainage improvements, development of a GIS system, development of maintenance and improvements planning, subdivision and development plan review, and most recently, the renovation and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant. There have been multiple projects that were funded through grants. One capability that stands out to me is the knowledge, expertise and ability to help obtain funding through the Texas Water Development Board. eHT has made a difficult process much easier by walking us through it. They have proven to be a reliable, accurate and professional engineering firm on every City of Glen Rose project and I would not hesitate to give them a recommendation.

Jim Holder

Public Works Director, City of Glen Rose

"The City of San Angelo has and continues to utilized the services of eHT because of their commitment to providing excellent service. The recent North Bentwood Lift Station project incorporated previous lift station designs and new ideas and operational considerations for a lift station that met the needs of the City."

Andy Vecellio, PE

Assistant Director of Water Utilities, City of San Angelo

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