City of Richmond Water Treatment Plant

CLIENT: City of Richmond
LOCATION: Richmond, TX

The City of Richmond selected eHT to provide planning, design and construction services for a new surface water treatment plant to meet groundwater reduction plan requirements. Similar to other plants in the region, membrane filtration was selected to provide the highest quality, efficiency and consistency of finished water quality in comparison to more conventional technologies. The long-term conversion plan is for an ultimate plant capacity of 4 MGD constructed in two phases. The first phase is a 2 MGD facility, and includes features incorporated into the planning and design that allows the plant to meet its final phase capacity of 4 MGD while minimizing construction of additional major new structures. Increasing capacity to 4 MGD will require the addition of a new raw water pump, additional membrane modules and a new high service pump — all located in Phase I structures without expansion. Additional components such as an additional raw water storage reservoir will be constructed in the final phase. Other cost saving features included separate construction contracts for site preparation, high service pump station and finished water storage, elimination of a disinfectant contact chamber, high rate clarifiers, equipment pre-purchasing for membrane equipment and the selection of aluminum chlorohydrate as the coagulant to minimize chemical costs and reduce solids handling requirements. This plant design is a model for cost savings.

Key Features

  • Raw water delivery via NRG canal to reduce construction costs
  • Robust, reliable process design
  • Operational flexibility
  • Cost effective, reliable equipment selection
  • Efficient facility layout
  • Phased design for cost savings
  • Efficient construction administration