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Funding Support

Funds are the lifeblood of every capital project.  Public entities frequently rely on their consulting engineer to identify funding opportunities for their projects.  eHT can and has provided this service for over three decades.  eHT has recognized experts in funding from a variety of federal and state programs.  eHT also provides the extra step in assisting our clients on how to navigate and comply with the various reporting and compliance requirements for both federal and state loan and grant funds.  A few of the programs we have worked with for many years are listed below.

eHT has completed over
million in water and wastewater projects using either DWSRF, CWSRF, EDAP, or a combination of TWDB program funds.

We have worked with the following programs:

eHT is very familiar with working alongside financial advisors and bond counsel to develop applications that are complete and on-time!  eHT is with our clients every step of the way as shown below for a typical state revolving fund water or sewer project.

  • Preparation and submittal of Project Information Form (PIF)
  • Pre-Application Meeting
  • Preparation and submittal of Financial Application
  • Board Funding Commitment
  • Monthly Outlay Reporting
  • Requests for Release of Unused Funds (RUF)
  • Project Close-Out and Certificate of Acceptance (COA)

eHT can assist you with identifying and capturing the funds needed from multiple programs as illustrated by the two project examples below.