ACU Moody Basketball Arena Renovation

CLIENT: Abilene Christian University

eHT was selected to be part of the design team responsible for the design and construction of a $45 million dollar renovation and expansion project for the Moody Basketball Arena.  eHT is providing a variety of services including site survey services, a geotechnical soils investigation, and all general civil related design elements.  Specific site surveying contributions included the completion of detailed three-dimensional topographic survey of the arena project site. eHT aided the structural design team by locating interior columns and completing several survey tasks to assist in defining existing arena structural elements.  Geotechnical services included the collection of soil samples at varying depths, complete laboratory analysis of the samples, and recommendations for building foundation design and pavement designs.  Civil design elements completed by eHT included the preparation of a site detailed site demolition plan, general site construction plan (including paving, sidewalks and related elements), grading and drainage plans, and site utility service connection plans.