City of Brownwood Municipal Landfill

CLIENT: City of Brownwood
LOCATION: Brownwwod, TX

eHT provides complete solid waste engineering services for the City of Brownwood, including permit modifications, groundwater monitoring and statistical analyses and construction inspection. In 2020, eHT prepared a non-notice modification to add a second scale house and adjust traffic patterns accordingly; the modification was approved by TCEQ.   In 2019, eHT revised the City’s landfill planning report which provided the status of current fill, projections for the time to fill each cell (including the current cell), the timeline for each starting construction plans for each cell, as well as construction cost estimates in today’s dollars and with inflation for each cell. The next cell is projected to begin construction planning in fall of 2022.  The landfill planning report is not a TCEQ requirements but assists the City with budgeting and scheduling of future cell development.

eHT completed overseeing construction of Cell 12-13 for the City of Brownwood in 2014. eHT prepared the Site Operating Plan revision to include the new composting facility in early 2014; adding an on-site composite facility required modifications to the Part IV Site Operating Plan. The Site Layout Plans drawings, and the Groundwater and Surface Water Protection Plan. eHT completed the facility’s Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plan and the Groundwater Characterization Report, as required under the 2006 MSW rule revision. The permit modifications include the installation of new groundwater wells in accordance with the new 600 feet minimum well spacing requirement. eHT also wrote the facility’s Site Operating Plan revision which was approved through a permit modification. The update was required by the 2006 MSW rule revision.

We designed and prepared the permit modification to install a passive gas management system in 2005 due to landfill gas monitoring exceedances.  This passive gas management system has effectively controlled landfill gas at the facility with no exceedances for over a decade.

eHT prepares the facility’s annual air Permit Compliance Certification (PCC) and we conduct the five-year, on-site Tier 2 Non-Methane Organic Compound (NMOC) Air Emission testing and report the resulting calculations and results to TCEQ. eHT conducting the NMOC testing and  submitted the report in March 2020. eHT is currently preparing the Air General Operating Permit renewal application due to the TCEQ by June 2021.

We are retained by the City to conduct semi-annual detection and assessment groundwater monitoring. Groundwater data is reviewed for site and well specific characteristics prior to selection of appropriate EPA-approved statistical methods. Groundwater data is input in database format for each well in appropriate statistical software for conducting statistical methods and tests. eHT provides additional engineering services as needed. Permit modifications for the landfill are prepared and implemented, including revisions of closure and post-closure care cost estimates.