City of Abilene Hargesheimer Water Treatment Plant Expansion

CLIENT: City of Abilene

eHT was selected to provide design and construction services to expand the City of Abilene’s Hargesheimer Water Treatment Plant from 8 MGD to 12 MGD. The Hargesheimer WTP was one of the first membrane plants in the State of Texas and the original design utilized direct filtration without any pretreatment.  The expansion project included the following components:  new pretreatment structure with cascade aeration, 3-stage flocculation, sedimentation via inclined plate settlers, sludge removal, and membrane feed pump station; new sludge holding tank with intermittent large bubble aeration; new solids handling building with 2 meter belt filter press and associated polymer feed system; addition of a second backwash recovery basin; upgrades to chemical feed facilities; two new membrane filter racks; a new, third-stage RO train to enhance recovery; 10 evaporators for concentrate disposal; and miscellaneous other electrical/control/SCADA improvements. The improvements came online in late 2016 and have already proven to provide much greater removal efficiency of the taste and odor compounds that have historically plagued this plant. The project grants the City of Abilene flexibility in water sources by allowing the City to utilize more water out of the O.H. Ivie Reservoir.