City of Granbury Wastewater Treatment Plants

CLIENT: City of Granbury
LOCATION: Granbury, TX

eHT provided planning, design, permitting, project management, construction management, inspection and O&M services for this project, valued at $35 million. eHT was selected to provide design and construction services to improve the City of Granbury’s wastewater system including: upgrading the existing 2.0 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the southern portion of the City; construction of a new 1.0 MGD satellite WWTP in the eastern portion of the City; and wastewater collection system improvements needed to support the two treatment facilities. eHT is the prime firm for this important wastewater treatment project.

At the existing WWTP, the influent wastewater screening equipment and lift station will be replaced as the existing infrastructure is in deteriorating condition.  The headworks will include mechanical screening equipment, an influent lift station, and a grit removal system.  The existing conventional activated sludge (CAS) treatment process will be upgraded to include nitrogen and phosphorus removal by means of a biological nutrient removal (BNR) treatment process with advanced membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology.  An ultraviolet (UV) system will be used to disinfect the final effluent, and a portion of the treated effluent will be reclaimed for Type I reuse at a nearby golf course.  Sludge from the treatment process will be dewatered either by adding a second centrifuge or replacing the existing centrifuge with a two-drum volute press.  A new administrative building will be constructed to support operations at the upgraded plant site, including electrical, SCADA and control, and laboratory space.  Similarly, the 1.0 MGD East WWTP will incorporate a headworks system consisting of mechanical screening equipment, an influent lift station, and a grit removal system.  A BNR treatment process with MBR technology will also be used for the plant’s secondary treatment system with UV for effluent disinfection.

The City also has intentions of reclaiming treated effluent from the East WWTP for Type I reuse.  As with the existing WWTP, the East WWTP will be equipped with a centrifuge or volute press for solids handling and an administrative building to support operations.  To accelerate the project delivery, eHT will be coordinating with a CMAR contractor on multiple facets of the project simultaneously.