City of Granbury Water Treatment Plant

CLIENT: City of Granbury
LOCATION: Granbury, TX

eHT is providing planning, design and construction services for the City of Granbury’s surface water treatment plant (SWTP) expansion increasing the finished water capacity from 2.5 to 5.0 million gallons per day (MGD). Due to increased demands in the service area, it was necessary for the City to expand to the Phase II capacity in order to maintain compliance with TCEQ regulations and given the City’s number of connections, as well as future population projections. The expansion includes the addition of a floating raw water pump barge on Lake Granbury; two trains of flocculation and plate settler sedimentation; one microfiltration (MF) feed pump; complete module buildout on the existing MF skids; one MF skid with 100% module capacity buildout; one MF blending pump; one 6,500 gallon aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) tank and chemical system improvements; upsizing the low pressure reverse osmosis (RO) feed pumps; two new, two-stage RO trains; one high service pump; one 1 million gallon (MG) clearwell tank; and, one maintenance building covering the high service pump station. The Phase II expansion utilizes much of the existing WTP footprint.

eHT provided planning, piloting, design and construction services for the City of Granbury for surface water treatment plant (SWTP) improvements, including construction of the first 2.5 MGD phase of an ultimate designed 7.5 MGD SWTP. The project will replace the City’s existing SWTP with a new facility that is compliant with both state and federal primary and secondary drinking water standards. The proposed project will include innovative treatment technologies to adequately treat brackish water from Lake Granbury, including a plate settler pretreatment system, a microfiltration membrane filtration system, and a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane system. The project included preliminary and final design, piloting and discharge permitting. eHT will also be providing bidding, construction phase services, and post-construction services for the proposed facilities.