City of Huntsville Wastewater Treatment Plant

CLIENT: City of Huntsville
LOCATION: Huntsville, TX

Due to the age, condition and performance of the City of Huntsville’s (City) AJ Brown Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), the City hired eHT to assist in the implementation of a major improvement project to upgrade or replace significantly deteriorated components, including the incorporation of a new secondary treatment process and mechanical dewatering (volute press). Fluctuations of the influent flow rate in the City’s collection system, coupled with solids handling limitations at the plant and aged condition of equipment continued to result in the discharge of effluent that was, at times, noncompliant. The upgrades to the WWTP were intended to improve consistency of plant performance, efficiency of overall plant performance and the effluent quality for discharge into Parker Creek, adjacent to the WWTP. The project will enable the WWTP to consistently comply with its TPDES permit limits, as well as provide preparation for the potential of having a new total phosphorus limit in the future, while handling the established design flows. It will also enable the WWTP to consistently comply with Type II 210 non-potable reuse requirements, while handling the established design flows. eHT prepared the WWTP as a whole to function throughout a 25-year planning horizon (through the year 2041) by rehabilitating and/or replacing WWTP components as necessary.