City of Midland Northeast Water System Improvements

CLIENT: City of Midland

The City of Midland has experienced a large amount of development growth in the northeast section of the water distribution area, defined as north of State Highway Loop 250 and east of Big Spring Street. The City hired eHT to provide professional services to plan and design water system improvements to support existing and expected future water system demands in this portion of the service area. The project includes transmission system improvements to provide water supply from the Water Purification Plant to the area. Additional project elements include pump station improvements and an elevated storage tank to provide storage and pressure in the project area. Distribution system improvements will also be incorporated to connect the existing system with the new elevated storage tank.  The project design includes approximately 50,000 linear feet (LF) of 24” transmission piping and 18,000 LF of 30” transmission piping, encased highway boring, air release valves, a 2 MG Elevated Storage Tank (EST) and high service pumps.