City of Roma Municipal Landfill

CLIENT: City of Roma

eHT is currently retained by the City to provide comprehensive engineering and permitting services for its landfill. eHT preparing all required permit documentation, including the existing conditions and land use documentation, soil borings and related field work, site development plan and site operating plan (permit application Parts I through IV). While the permit application was being processed by the TCEQ, eHT prepared a temporary vertical expansion application to allow continued filling of the existing landfill with no interruption in solid waste services.  The vertical expansion was included in the permit amendment application along with the lateral expansion.  In addition to the combination of vertical and lateral expansion, the permit application included the flexibility for the City to utilize final sequenced landfill cells to either be used for Type 1 or for Type 4 fill as needs dictate in order to maximize the arid exemption maximum of 20 tons per day of Type 1 fill plus 20 tons per day of Type 4 fill.  TCEQ approved the landfill expansion in December 2018. eHT assisted the City with pre-inspection / pre-opening requirements in the summer of 2020.  The new landfill unit was opened in October 2020 (FY 2021.)

eHT is under contract with the City to provide closure documentation for the filled landfill units.  eHT is currently working on a schedule with the City and the formal notification of closure activities that will be provided by the City to the TCEQ.

eHT provided tracking and reporting on supplemental environmental project (SEP) status and compliance issues for the landfill Agreed Order with the TCEQ. eHT prepared the 30 TAC Chapter 330 permit modification for the Type I AE landfill site and assisted with enforcement negotiations with TCEQ. The preparation of the 30 TAC Chapter 330 upgrade was in response to an enforcement action initiated by TCEQ. We assisted the City in negotiation of the corresponding Agreed Order that allowed for implementation of SEP in lieu of a penalty payment. eHT also assisted the City with closure of a portion of the landfill prior to 30 TAC Chapter 330 requirements by negotiation approval for an extension of the mandated compliance deadline. The resulting closure of the 22 acres eliminated 25 years of additional post-closure care. eHT prepared a Site Operating Plan, approved in 2010, and we have prepared the City’s Annual Report since 2007.