City of Roma Pump Stations and Distribution Improvements

CLIENT: City of Roma

As part of a multi-phased water distribution improvements project for the City, four individual booster pump stations were installed throughout the City to address inadequate system pressures in areas of expanding development. Each new location included ground storage, new pumps with automated control, SCADA monitoring and security fencing.

Location #1 (High School BPS) included two, vertical, multi-stage pumps, a new metal building enclosure and a 5,200 gallon pressure tank to reduce the pressure fluctuations in the system and to reduce pump / motor cycles. A new 52,000-gallon welded steel ground storage tank was constructed to provide sufficient water storage for the high demand area along US Highway 83, which includes the high school.

Location #2 (North Garceno) and Location #3 (San Julian) included small skid-mounted packaged pumps. In addition, each location included a pre-cast concrete building with stone finish. All pipe connections and skid locations were coordinated during fabrication so that time spent on setting the building and pump installation were greatly reduced. Each site also included an 8,000-gallon FRP ground storage tank and a 500-gallon pressure tank.

Location #4 (La Rosita) included two horizontal split-case pumps, a 20,000-gallon FRP ground storage tank and a 5,000-gallon pressure tank. A new metal building was constructed to house the pumps, electrical and controls. The ground storage tank was constructed next to an equally sized existing tank and provided with multiple piping / valve options for operational flexibility during periods of peak demand and / or periodic maintenance.