City of San Angelo Groundwater Supply Expansion

CLIENT: City of San Angelo
LOCATION: San Angelo, TX

The City of San Angelo historically relied on a combination of surface water sources for use in its drinking water supply, but new “drought of record” conditions have severely impacted the available capacity of its surface water supplies. For this reason, the City began identifying and implementing alternative sources of water supply including groundwater from the Hickory Aquifer. Phase I (8 MGD) of the Hickory Aquifer Supply Project was completed by San Angelo in 2011.  The City hired eHT to implement Phase II of the Hickory Groundwater Supply Project, which will bring the available supply from this source up to a reliable 12 MGD.  Once on-line, new groundwater wells and an expanded groundwater treatment plant designed to remove radionuclides will allow the City to maximize aquifer production to meet potable water demands. In addition to the new groundwater wells and expanded treatment facility, other critical elements of the project include: replacement of an existing clearwell at the City’s water treatment plant; wellfield collection and transmission system expansion and improvements; and, SCADA system improvements.