City of Stamford Water Treatment Plant Improvements

CLIENT: City of Stamford
LOCATION: Stamford, TX

eHT provided application preparation and project management and design for a $20 million water system improvement project for the City of Stamford utilizing funding through the TWDB DWSRF. The City’s existing raw water system consisted of a raw water pump station and transmission pipeline dating back to the original water treatment plant (WTP) construction. The project included complete replacement of the mechanical and electrical equipment at the raw water pump station, as well as replacement of the raw water transmission pipeline. Structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation improvements were made as well. Additionally, a new pretreatment system, membrane filtration system, chemical storage and feed systems were installed at the WTP, as well as an upgrade of the existing storage tanks, construction of a new high service pump station, new instrumentation system and ancillary support systems for a new advanced treatment WTP. The project also included complete replacement of the City’s existing elevated storage tank and replacement of key water distribution lines that were identified as highest risk for water loss and/or cross-contamination.