City of Sweetwater Municipal Landfills

CLIENT: City of Sweetwater
LOCATION: Sweetwater, TX

eHT is currently retained by the City to provide comprehensive engineering and permitting services for the new Eastside landfill (MSW 2385). eHT prepared all required permit documentation, including the existing conditions and land use documentation, soil borings and related field work, site development plan and site operating plan (permit application Parts I through IV). The new permit was issued in July 2016. The pre-opening inspection was conducted on September 3, 2019; TCEQ provided verbal confirmation on September 11, 2019 that no additional items were required prior to issuing the opening authorization. The City opened the new Eastside landfill in FY 2021.

eHT is under contract with the City to provide closure documentation for the Westside landfill.  eHT negotiated with the TCEQ to allow the City to have both landfills open simultaneously to ensure the City has uninterrupted solid waste services with the agreement that the combined capacities would not exceed the AE authorized 20 tons per day.

eHT was retained by the City of Sweetwater in 2004 to prepare a major permit amendment for the Westside landfill to increase the maximum depth for the cells and to formally apply for arid-exempt status for the Type 4 site. eHT also provided field surveys to delineate the landfill boundaries and to ensure the permitted cell height requirement was met. eHT prepared a new site layout plan, site development plan, unit cross sections, a landfill gas management plan, final closure and post-closure care plan with closure cost estimates, final contour map and Site Operating Plan.

eHT is also retained on an as-needed basis to complete tasks associated with solid waste issues.