City of Sweetwater Pump Station and Ground Storage

CLIENT: City of Sweetwater
LOCATION: Sweetwater, TX

eHT designed a new high service pump station to replace the older pump station which had reached the end of its life cycle. The new pump station had to provide flexibility and it was mandatory that the new system serve several key demand scenarios and provide better supply-side storage. eHT’s design doubled the ground storage capacity at the water treatment plant where the new station is located. The City has many instances where they need only a 1 or 2 MGD pumping capacity to meet demand. During peak periods, demand exceeds 4 MGD. Several intermediate stages exist between the high and low demand points.

eHT provided two, small pumps (1.2 MGD each) and two, large pumps (4.0 MGD each). One pump is constant speed and the other three have a variable frequency speed drive. There is also a fifth high service pump rated for 1.8 MGD that allows the City to satisfy demand requirements that fall into a range between the high and low. The improvements solve many of the troubles the City experienced with its older system.