City of Winters Water Treatment Plant

CLIENT: City of Winters

In response to TCEQ Notice of Violations (NOVs) related to the City’s existing water treatment plant, the City initiated a TWDB DWSRF project to address deficiencies and upgrade the facility.

The $1.68 million project consisted of modifications and upgrades to the existing 2.0 MGD water treatment plant and included enhancing and automating the existing conventional treatment processes; upgrading existing clarifier sludge removal system; extensive renovation of existing dual-media filters with new backwash supply and filter-to-waste facilities; air scour and control system improvements; renovations to chemical feed systems; upgrading and expanding an off-site raw water pump station; and a new operations / laboratory building.

eHT provided project management including preliminary and final design, bidding and construction phase support, as well as updating the operations and maintenance manual and post-construction transitional support.


  • Conducted plant operations training for City’s surface water treatment plant. Provided on-going support services related to operation of the plant.
  • Assisted the City in converting to chloramines in response to Stage I Disinfection Byproduct Rule.