City of Eden RD Water and Wastewater Improvements

CLIENT: City of Eden

eHT provided project management, funding application assistance and design for construction of water and sewer infrastructure improvements consisting of the replacement of old dilapidated water distribution piping and sewer collection piping within existing systems for the City of Eden (City). Some portions of the City’s water and sewer systems had reached the end of their design life and were no longer capable of reliably serving the residents of the City. Faced with constant pipe repair costs and interrupted service to their customers, the City decided to replace the most problematic sections in the systems. The project also included new lines to loop the water system and increase water availability. The project included installation of a 250-kW emergency generator for the water treatment plant (WTP) and a 200-kW emergency generator for Well No. 3. The project consisted of installing a second cooling tower adjacent to an existing tower with piping modifications to allow the towers to be operated in series so one cooling tower could be bypassed and taken offline with the other remains in operation for times of periodic maintenance or in the scenario of equipment failure. Additionally, a well transfer pump station was replaced, and a wastewater vertical fine screen was installed at the wastewater treatment plant. The project included water line and wastewater collection line replacement. The project utilized funds through United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD) and Rural Utilities Service (RUS).