Johnson County SUD Water Master Plan and Hydraulic Model

CLIENT: Johnson County SUD
LOCATION: Cleburne, TX

The Johnson County Special Utility District (District) has historically used a hydraulic water model to evaluate the District’s distribution system. Due to immense growth in Johnson County, the hydraulic model has been crucial to the District to keep up with the growth and prepare for the future needs of the District. The District hired eHT to update the District’s hydraulic water model to ensure it was up to date and accurate, review and provide comments on the Water Master Plan, and to take over hydraulic modeling services into the future. The water model update effort included a complete rebuild of the District’s hydraulic water model using the District-provided GIS pipe network; appropriate georeferencing to ensure accurate infrastructure scaling and hydraulics; update of connection counts across the system; various site visits to collect field data; hydrant flow tests to be used in water model calibration; and District review and collaboration. The Water Master Plan review included analysis of the growth assumptions used for the report, review of proposed CIP projects proposed for the 5-, 10- and 15-year planning periods, and eHT-recommended alternative projects for the District’s CIP moving forward.