LPPA WSC Water Treatment Plant Improvements

CLIENT: Lake Palo Pinto Area WSC
LOCATION: Palo Pinto, TX

eHT provided planning, design and construction services for surface water treatment plant improvements, including upgrading and expanding portions of the water system. Upgrades at the expanded 0.75 MGD water treatment plant included improvements at the raw water pump station, a new dual media filter, and replacing the existing high service pumps and existing backwash supply pump. The project also included upgrading and expanding the chemical systems and constructing a plant water booster pump station. Additionally, the raw water pumps were replaced and approximately 125 linear feet of 6-inch raw water line was relocated.  Chloramine residual boosting facilities were also added at an off-site pump station.

While preparing to advertise for bids, LPPA WSC received a notice of violation (NOV) from the TCEQ for exceeding the maximum contaminant limits (MCL) for Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM) and Haloacetic Acids (HAA5) also referred to as disinfection by-products (DBPs) in the distribution system.  eHT assisted LPPA WSC in identifying the source of the elevated DBPs and in determining the best approach for addressing the DBPs.  It was determined through the testing of raw water samples that the source water for the plant, Lake Palo Pinto, had elevated levels of TOC.  Following a review of potential treatment options and after coordinating with LPPA WSC, it was determined that the best treatment option for LPPA WSC was the addition of a chlorine dioxide generation system at the raw water pump station.  eHT coordinated with the TCEQ for the installation of a chlorine dioxide generation system at the raw water pump station, which was then incorporated into the treatment improvements.