City of Roscoe Wastewater Treatment Plant

CLIENT: City of Roscoe

eHT designed and supervised construction activities for a new 0.24 MGD WWTP which included a facultative lagoon system, irrigation storage ponds, irrigation pump station and center pivot irrigation system. Facultative lagoon systems are ideally designed for smaller treatment systems, typically 0.5 MGD and smaller. A unique aspect of this project was that eHT and the City coordinated with the TCEQ to convert the new WWTP to a complete reuse facility, which means that 100% of the plant effluent could be used for a beneficial application beyond more common discharging to a receiving stream. By permitting the plant under full reuse (requiring permitting the plant under the TCEQ’s Chapter 210 rules on beneficial reuse), the treatment plant limits are significantly less stringent, allowing for more operational flexibility by the City. The project was funded utilizing funds from TWDB.


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