Missouri City Transmission Lines

CLIENT: City of Missouri City
LOCATION: Missouri City, TX

The project included transmission lines to carry treated water from the new surface water treatment plant to existing utility districts for distribution. Construction consisted of traditional open cut trench, as well as trenchless methods such as horizontal directional drilling, bore and jack and tunneling. There were several major obstacles along the path such as creek crossings, existing pipelines and roads and a railroad crossing. The use of trenchless installation methods allowed the new transmission lines to be constructed without interrupting or damaging these existing obstacles. To the south of the SWTP 12,900 linear feet of 30-inch PVC line was constructed to reach Sienna Plantation Water Plant #1. Additionally, 6,680 linear feet of 10-inch PVC line was constructed along a parallel route. This pipeline functions as an irrigation line to transport reuse water from the SWTP to the existing lake system in Sienna Plantation. To the north of the SWTP, 7,585 linear feet of 36-inch PVC line was constructed to the future Fort Bend Toll Road extension. From this location, the line branched off for a future extension and then continued for another 3,615 linear feet as a 16-inch PVC line to reach Sienna Plantation Water Plant #2. A second line along this route consisted of 9,050 linear feet of 16-inch PVC line to the existing Well #5 in Sienna Plantation. The water from this well is used as a back-up supply source for the SWTP and can also be used as an aquifer storage and recovery line. These transmission lines have been adequately sized to allow for future extensions to the other utility district water plants in the area as the SWTP is expanded.


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