Upper Leon River MWD Water Treatment Plant

CLIENT: Upper Leon River Municipal Water District
LOCATION: Comanche, TX

The primary water source for the Upper Leon River Municipal Water District (ULRMWD) is Lake Proctor. As with many other lakes in West Texas, water levels in Lake Proctor decline cyclically, increasing DBP precursor concentrations for contaminants such as TOC and bromide. As a result, ULRMWD has observed increasing difficulty in meeting state and federal requirements for THMs.

eHT designed and managed the incorporation of membrane filtration to the water treatment plant to enhance TOC removal prior to disinfection, thereby significantly reducing THM formation. In addition, the project included a new plate settler pretreatment system which utilized enhanced coagulation, which further reduced THM formation. In addition to pretreatment and filtration system improvements, the chemical feed system at the water treatment plant was upgraded to more closely dose and flow pace with daily treatment demands, further minimizing formation of THMs. ULRMWD’s aging pump stations and residuals handling system were rehabilitated and upgraded as well.