View-Caps WSC Water System Modeling

CLIENT: View-Caps Water Supply Corporation

The southeastern portion of the View-Caps Water Supply Corporation (WSC) service area experienced moderate growth rates over the past several years.  Specifically, the area along County Road 337 (Wiggins Road) was of particular interest to developers and home builders.  The continued growth in this area has strained on the ability of the View-Caps system to continually meet the needs of its customers. Therefore, View-Caps WSC began investigating the possibility of installing an additional take-point from the City of Abilene System with intent of stabilizing system pressures and providing an additional source of water to meet the growing demands along County Road 337.

eHT reviewed and/or evaluated the following items:

  • View-Caps WSC system hydraulic water model,
  • City’s water system operations in the southern (3rd) pressure plane,
  • City of Abilene pumping and tank level data for the past two years,
  • City’s hydraulic water model,
  • Additional field tests to verify model accuracy,
  • Specification sheets for the RPZ and meter equipment installed at the take-point location.

After a full review of the original project design parameters and technical data from both the City of Abilene and the View-Caps WSC, the primary reason for the less than anticipated water delivery rate was attributed to the pressure drop across the RPZ and metering equipment.